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Flywheel’s plan for updating PHP 5.6

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PHP is a core part of what makes all WordPress sites work, and because of that, staying up to date with the latest and greatest version is essential for having a high-performing site that loads quickly! Updating to PHP 7.2 (if you haven’t already!) will make your site even faster and doesn’t cost you a dime more. Plus, it comes along with a big batch of other turbo-charged performance and security improvements that’ll make your site better than ever!
Because you’ve chosen to keep your sites with a managed host (Hi! That’s us!), you can rest easy knowing that all the nuts and bolts of the PHP update will be handled by our superb support team.
The official end of security support for PHP 5.6 is December 31st, which means there will be no further updates to the software. But fear not – sites running PHP 5.6 will continue to work on Flywheel after this date! We’ve been working with customers over the past few months to update Flywheel sites running PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2, a process that’ll be completed in early 2019.
You can use our filter feature within the Flywheel dashboard to determine which PHP version your sites are currently on .
If you have any questions or concerns about this update and/or whether or not your site is compatible, please take a peek at this in-depth PHP 7 help doc! It has more information about how to test PHP 7.2 on your site, what sites will need the update, and when 7.3 will be ready to roll.
And, as always, you can contact their support team for anything specific!